Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Pop-Up Shop cost?
We have designed all pricing to be as simple as possible for all parties and to allow you to create as much impact for your brand as possible. We charge a rent rate per week. This rate is dependent upon the store and time of year. Additionally, a 20% commission from your Pop-Up Shop proceeds will be paid to John Lewis.

How long does the Pop-Up Shop last?
Your Pop-Up Shop will last for 1 week from Monday to Sunday. You can take on more than one week should you want to.

Will I be responsible for staffing the Pop-Up Shop?
Yes, you are responsible for manning your shop for the entire duration of the week Monday - Sunday.

How will payments be taken?
Each space will be fitted with a card machine, payments must be made through this card machine. This will record all transactions and produce a report showing the sales value and the commission paid. We will provide you with a daily report and make the whole process as easy as possible.

Will there be electricity for the stand?
Although each store will differ, we aim to have an electrical point on each stand.

How will the stand be presented?
You will be provided with a space which is plain and must be dressed by you to display and sell your products in an attractive way to your customers. Each store will be able to provide you with display furniture and this will be confirmed during your booking. The visual merchandising team are also sometimes there to help which many brands have learnt a lot from.

Where will my stock be held during the event?
You will be responsible for managing your stock during the event. Stock can be sent to the John Lewis warehouse within the week prior to your attendance where it will be placed in a designated area for the Pop-Up.

Are all John Lewis stores taking part?
We currently have 39 John Lewis stores on board with the Pop-Up

Will there be discounts for booking multiple weeks?
Yes, we can offer a discount of 10% when booking more than 1 week in store. The commission to John Lewis is fixed at 20%.

How can I promote my involvement?
You can do as much, or as little of your own marketing as you would like to raise awareness of your stand and drive its success. For example, you could use your social media accounts to reach your followers and merchandise your shop with POS and props. It is entirely up to you how you promote your shop and products in advance of and during the event. The cost for any marketing and stand-dressing your do will be paid for by you and must meet John Lewis guidelines.

We like to help promote your brand across social media and interacting with our accounts certainly helps towards the success of your week. Please tag us in any posts and follow @thegreatbritishexchange on Instagram and Facebook.