Q&A: Peddle UK, Nicki (Founder)


We were thrilled to join Nicki, the founder of Pedddle UK on Instagram for a live Q&A with our Managing Director Matt Hopkins, who gave an insight into The Great British Pop Up and our wider business! It was great to get in touch with Nicki as her love for the small businesses is undeniable. Pedddle’s community of markets and stallholders is a great platform to support the Small Biz Community! Find out more about what Pedddle has to offer at https://pedddle.com/ or check out their Instagram @Pedddleuk


If you want to find out more about how to get involved with The Great British Pop-Up, the details of cost and practicalities from a small and independent business perspective! And delve into some very exciting opportunities we have this festive season…watch the full Q&A Live video below!


Q&A With Nicki, Pedddle UK