Welcome The Great British Pop-Up News!


Welcome The Great British Pop-Up News!

We are excited to launch our brand new news blog. This will be a platform to provide you with our latest pop up updates, exciting features from guest brands, top tips and exclusive community content.  We recognise that each brand we work with is unique and in a different stage of their business growth. Therefore, we want to provide information and support for not only your time during your pop-up shop, but beyond. 


What do we do?

We aim to empower small and independent businesses and help them grow by providing pop -up opportunities within leading British department stores. Our pop – up spaces give business owners the chance to curate an exciting and experiential version of their brand within a retail environment, benefitting from high footfall, strong marketing, real time customer feedback and sales. You could host a pop up in John Lewis, Fenwick and more! 

We are encouraging customers to buy local, buy British and support small and independent businesses. 


Why support small businesses?

Supporting small and independent businesses doesn’t just help a brand to flourish, it aids the local economy and contributes to local communities. Showcasing local people, with local talent and products with a story. We hope this is a way in which many customers will shop in the future.

The small independent business scene is full of support and care, with each business taking great pride in their brand’s achievements, no matter how small or large. There is genuine joy taken from each customer that engages with their business, no matter if they make a purchase or not. And if a customer does purchase, you are buying from a real person, you are receiving a personal service, buying a product with a story and supporting a dream. 


Why The Great British Pop-Up?

Our pop-ups are a great opportunity for new, growing and established businesses, giving a great platform to develop and grow. 

The fantastic Yes B VIP, explained their pop-up experience:

“Without the GBE, I don’t think we would have had the platform to be able to host a pop-up in a large retailer. Our customers who came to see us said we looked like a totally different brand, really professional and like we completely fitted into the store.’ 

We are thrilled to have such a wonderful community of small and independent businesses and look forward to woking and growing together!