A guide to Pop-Up shop success: Small business goals

Achieving goals with your pop-up shop



The first step is knowing what you want to get out of your pop-up shop, this can help you to remain focussed on achieving achieving your goals, these could include…

  • Additional revenue source
  • Grow brand awareness
  • Exposure to iconic retailers
  • Engage with new and existing customers
  • Gain customer feedback
  • Gain selling confidence and experience
  • Save costs
  • Boost sales


It’s great to have a defined goal to work towards with your pop-up shop, but reflecting on your event against these goals, this will help you to find out how you can develop your brand in order to reach those small business goals! Ways to measure your success could be…

  • Total sales
  • Cost savings
  • Email sign ups
  • Social media engagement
  • Site traffic
  • Collated customer feedback

So, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to achieve success with your small independent business than now! Head to our website to find out about our pop-up shop opportunities.